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Colloidal Silver Release New Music

Townsville band Colloidal Silver have just released a new filmclip for thier song 'Take Care'.

The grungey stoner rockers originally released the song in early 2020 without a clip and were looking forward to playing live as much as possible when the pandemic hit. With some spare time and a lack of opportunities for them to play live, the band recorded a second song 'Good, feels so good' - in thier homes during lockdown and this time with a filmclip. That song'Good,feels so good'was released in May 2020 and recieved lots of positive feedback. With a lack of live shows still on the horizon, singer/songwriter Dylski began work on a new film clip for 'Take care'.

The clip took approximately 6mths to make and was all done on a phone using a film making app. It stars two Townsville locals - bass playing singer/songwriter Heather Armstrong from local band Fools Gold and professional dancer Jordan Galliot. It also features paintings in some of the scenes by local Townsville artists - maintaining the ethos of a truly local, homegrown project.

The clip follows the story of the songs lyrics and is an exploration on where the mind can go, if you dont take care of yourself.

The song itself was recorded locally with DNA music NQ.

Colloidal Silver plan on releasing more songs & filmclips in 2021 and playing live.

To find out about everything theyre up to, go to:

and you can download thier music here:

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