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Band Of The Month, September 2018 "Men In Black"

Men In Black Hard Blues Band emerged from the remnants of four piece band O.B.C. (old boys club), commonly referred to as, “The Old Bald”, (and you can guess the rest). MIB first hit the stage in 2003, under the name, Creatures from the Back Saloon, at Molly Malones, changing their name soon after to MIB. The Men played multiple gigs throughout Townsville Region with the original line up, including the 2003 Naidoc Ball. The line up changed 3 years down the track, when original members Brian Hicks, (drums) & The late great Allan Lane, (sax) quit the band. New band members, drummer Chris Moes and Ross Jorgensen on sax, joined the Men, playing many corporate gigs including The Townsville Cup, and backing The Bondi Cigars at the Dally. In 2007 The band folded with Dave the Matrix and Stef the Mus forming an acoustic duo, known around town as “The Howlin Blues Dogs”. After 12 months as a duo and considering that Muddy Waters, decades before invented electricity, Dave & Stef put the acoustic guitars down, linking up with legendary drummer John Clelland as a blues trio, still known as Howling Blues Dogs After countless gigs at Flinders St venues, The Blues Attic and The Howling Blues Bar, the Blues Dogs decided to call it a day. Further on up the road: After consultation a decade on with the Men in early 2018, over case of JD, the original MIB outfit formed again, playing a gig at Herbert Hotel with a monster crowd, with original members; Brian Hicks (Drums/Vocals, Dave Robinson Bass/Vocals & Stef, Guitar/Vocals/Blues Harp, with the ever, Mr Reliable, Ross Jorgensen again on Sax. Sadly without the late Allan Lane, who we all miss and hold dearly to our hearts. MIB play their own style of blues with a hard driving blues/rock feel, incorporating a full on stage and light show, compliments of Brian the Enforcer Hicks The Men realise that no drug or pharmaceutical product can beat the rush of when The Men hit that groove, the people are shouting and swaying and the house is rocking

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