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Band Of The Month, August 2018 "On The Rocks"

On the Rocks formed during a long lunch in June 2017, when three geezers from the 90s were talking about how the last time they saw their instruments, they were in a cupboard under a pile of shoes. They decided that this awful waste should be addressed and started looking for a singer and a guitarist. What they found was a perfect blend of style, skill and substance. With line up complete: Ox and Gav in the engine room on Bass & Drums, Danny & Dave pumping the groove or tearing up the solo on guitars and up front Tess, belting out the tunes.

It was quickly apparent that this was a hot band with great feel and a knack for tuning a gig into a party. Fantastic female vocals and a broad range of pumping songs you can dance to have lead to On the Rocks being the band that keeps people at the party. It's true that when On the Rocks is playing a venue, nobody leaves. Often, passers-by find themselves drawn into the venue and, four hours later, they're on the dance floor, "still carrying (their shopping"

A couple of line up changes this year sees Matt on drums and, having said farewell to Tess as she moves down south, we have the spectacular Steph on vocals. Constantly evolving, this year will see more groovy dance music added to their repertoire, along with all the great rockers their fans know & love.

An interesting quirk with On the Rocks is that you'll often see other local bands and musicians in the crowd. The band thinks it's because the afternoon gigs at The Aussie mean they can see a band and be in bed by 7:30pm! But because of this, On the Rocks is very privileged to invite special guests up to sing & play with them. It has lead to some wonderful moments and the band feels blessed to have so many talented and warm friends.

On the Rocks play on the second Saturday of each month in the Garden Bar of The Australian Hotel in Palmer St as well as other gigs around Townsville. Check out their Facebook page for dates, photos, videos and all the general mayhem you'd expect from a band dedicated to messing about and having a good time.

Danny - Guitar Matt - Drums Steph - Vocals Dave - Guitar

Ox - Bass

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