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Artist Of The Month, June 2017 "Dan Baker"

Unofficially self-proclaimed third tallest folk singer north of the Burdekin, son of very local radio talk back caller, with whom he no longer speaks after the fallout of the great banana famine of 2011, at the pace of a thousand injured Shetland ponies, Dan Baker is easing his way into the turbulent waters of contemporary Australian folk like an every-second-Wednesday-aqua-aerobics-attendee.

Reviews thus far have been non-existent for Dan, which he finds extremely encouraging, “My demographic aren’t really the clingy, complementary kind”, he says, “tbh, I’d be pretty put off if they were constantly complementing me on Facebook or by letter or face to face, or attending my shows. I’m clearly hitting the right market”.

Little is known about the forging of the mostly adequate talents of this enigmatic, anti-axolotl-contortionism advocate*. It is said however that his destiny shifted the night he swallowed a melody pop after being startled by a sudden and complete solar eclipse which he eventually determined to be a blink.

Musical influences include Russell Crowe when he sang in that French movie and the noise that a tissue makes when you extract it from its box really slowly.

*This cause is close to Dan’s heart because not only can he protest on the land, but also in the water**.

**The water is also Dan’s second most ideal location to host a modest dinner party, where the guest of honour would be either his Russell Crowe, or his cat, Edna.

In all seriousness, Dan has been a stalwart of the local music scene for the past few years, performing regularly at BYO Bar, Rambutan and Molly Malones, as well as becoming a familiar face at Neighbourhood Sessions and Townsville Cultural Fest. He supported former Mammal frontman Ezekiel Ox in 2014, and last year was personally selected by The Beautiful Girls frontman Mat McHugh to support the Airlie Beach and Townsville shows of his solo tour.

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