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Artist Of The Month, May 2017 "Nicole Cross"

Nicole Cross, a pharmacist turned singer songwriter from Townsville, crafts moody alternative folk tunes that make you want to sing with the lights off. Contrasting from her light hearted folk Debut EP “Little Birds, released in October 2015, Cross has taken a darker direction with her latest release with hard hitting messages and an alternative-folk feel. Cross’ self-titled EP “Nicole Cross” is a collection of moody alternative folk tunes drawing heavy influences from the darker periods in Johnny Cash's songwriting career. Produced and recorded by Sam Wright from the Rec Room Townsville, the EP was released through Independent record label “Neighbourhood” in late October 2016. Nicole released "Holiday" the first single off her self-titled EP "Nicole Cross" on the 24th of April 2016. ‘Holiday' provides an introspective view into the pain and frustration associated with suffering from a mental illness. Following the release, Cross secured a spot on the line-up at Townsville's Groovin’ the Moo festival on the 1st of May and a support act for The Cat Empire for the Townsville leg of their Rising with the Sun Tour in June 2016.

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