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Band Of The Month December 2016 "The Koffin Rockers"

Laidback larrikins Michael Hegarty (guitars/vox), Shaun Butcher (upright bass/backing vox) and Dean Gilboy (drums/occasional vox) personify the musical genre they play: a mix of balls to the wall rock n roll, in your face punk, toe-tapping pop and just enough hillbilly to make you realise you're not in Kansas any more. This is completely new territory, so let The Koffin Rockers be your guide.

Check your inhibitions at the door, because TKR will get you on the dance floor with their no frills, all thrills stage shows that have been winning fans across the country. The band formed from the ashes of The Rockerfellas in 2011, and since then has wowed crowds from Townsville's Rock n Rods Nostalgia Festival, Fist Fest Punk Festival and Rockabilly Rumble to Mackay's Rockabilly Revival, the Airlie Beach Music Festival and Brisbane's Greazefest Kustom Kulture Festival.

'These Guys' - the band's aptly named EP from 2013, gave the lads a foot up amongst their peers, with the gritty little locally recorded five-track earning critical praise in DeadBeat mag as "a solid introduction to the band and captures their energy and enthusiasm." It also captured their quirky sense of humour, as seen in the clip for Cherry Bomb - a parody with a nod to the hillbilly in all of us.

The pomaded punk rockers have performed alongside the likes of King Social, No Hype, Azzy T (Zombie Ghost Train), The Resignators, The Tearaways, Australian Kingswood Factory, Ezra Lee, The Flattrackers, The Workinghorse Irons and Evil Elvis (Canada), with national and international tours planned for 2016, along with a brand spankin' new record and more festival appearances.

The Koffin Rockers is also bringing it's infectious rockabilly style to pubs and clubs with an impressive kover set that spans every popular artist from Johnny Cash to Lady Gaga - with a distinctive TKR twist.





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Bookings: Blattman Productions - 0418587781

Management: Independent

Interview Requests: Blattman Productions - 0418587781

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