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Solo Artist Of The Month September 2016 "Jade Holland"

Jade Holland is one of Australia’s most exciting emerging country artists. The titular track off her debut album Leather & Les Paul has seen Jade begin 2016 strongly; debuting at #25 on the Australian Airplay Charts, then leaping 13 spots in a week to peak at #12. She has also celebrated charts success with her first two singles Mess With a Girl Like Me (2012) and Woh Oh (2015). The recently released fourth single Good Day debuted at #40 in the Country Tracks Charts in its first week and sat at #1 on the KIX Country airplay charts for two consecutive weeks, proving Jade Holland’s passionate fan base is continuing to grow. Jade has become a regular at the Tamworth Country Music Festival and has also represented her hometown of Townsville in overseas tours including playing for the troops in Afghanistan in 2014 and being the first Australian to perform in China’s Foshan Autumn Colour Festival in 2015. Jade has been competing in Country Music competitions across Australia since the tender age of 11. Her commitment to the genre was fuelled in 2011 by her success at the 15th Annual World Championships of Performing Arts in Los Angeles. Holland outshone almost 4,000 contestants to bring home a string of awards including second in the photogenic category, third in the Country Rock category, third in the vocal category, and second in the writing category for her own composition Make Up Your Mind. This international recognition reaffirmed her direction and she realised she was really onto something. Since the beginning of her career, her personal rule has been to never do anything half-heartedly; to use difficult situations to her advantage – as opportunities to strengthen as an artist and a person, and “make lemonade out of lemons”.


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