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Solo Artist Of The Month July 2016"Justin Manwaring

Justin Manwaring Born 17-8-1973 Justin began his music career in Tasmania as a young child playing percussion. Then as a teenager in various bands playing drums travelling the state. Joining the army in 2003 and posted first to Brisbane and then coming to Townsville in 2006. This is where he made the transition to guitar and vocals and has been playing live in and around Townsville for the last 6 years. Justin is currently playing at venues including The Avenues, Flynns, The Riverview Tavern, Bushland Beach, Seaview Hotel, Cowboys home games, The Brewery and more. Although Justin has enjoyed playing cover music in Townsville and meeting some amazing musicians along the way, He would like to begin writing and recording his own material to play live, that is his focus for the future. Justin is available for bookings on: 0415 124 272

July Gigs

1 Riverview

3 Flynns

7 Avenues

9 Flynns 1

10 Bulldogs Football Club

10 Flynns

13 Flynns Origin Night

14 Avenues

15 Seaview

16 Brewery

17 Flynns

21 Avenues

22 Bushland Beach

24 Flynns

28 Avenues

30 Seaview

31 Flynns

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