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Solo Artist Of The Month April 2016 "Amy Zaghini"

In 2013 Amy released her debut EP "Mind Reader". Overnight, "Mind Reader" made the top 50 on iTunes’ Pop Album Charts, and since, her film clip for single “I was your first” has reached over 10,000 views on YouTube. Following the release, Amy’s songs have been heard on commercial radio and have also seen success in Triple J’s Unearthed Competition – Amy’s song “Phone Companies” reached number two on the Unearthed Pop chart and 31 overall. Amy launched her independent debut album "Sweet Out Of Sight" in Townsville, December 2014 and more recently her music video for single 'We're Done'. She is looking forward to touring Queensland in 2016 with her first stop being the Julia Creek Dirt n Dust Festival in April.


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