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Solo Artist Of The Month January 2015 "J.T. Allen"

Jarrod Towers started to play guitar from the age of four. The family picked up a guitar at the dump for five dollars and from that moment He knew he wanted to be a musician. When he was ten he started guitar lessons, but was never any good. Two chords was all he learnt; E minor and A, and for a long time that’s all he knew. He learned a few more chords and at family events would play his guitar and sing the only song he knew, The Newcastle Song. During his first year at Townsville State High school he wanted to get serious with his guitar playing abilities and pushed himself to learn the basic chords and scales, but not being the smartest student in both primary and secondary school, he was a slow learner and had a lot of trouble trying to make sense of what he was doing. Most of the time his best didn't seem to be good enough, nevertheless, music was the only subject he enjoyed doing. If maths, English and science was confusing, music always felt right. He had a lot of great music teachers and it's amazing how valuable a good mentor is. Troy Patti and Bjarne Ohlin are the two best teachers he has had so far, although his first year of senior music was a real shock. His first assignment was a fail and at that point he believed his dreams of living a musical career were over. Troy Patti understood and knew exactly what was happening and helped him to achieve a better mark for the next two assignments. Bjarne Ohlin, a former Divinyls member, taught him the technology side to music; how to use professional recording software, microphones, amplifiers and mixing desks. His first year at the Townsville Creative Technologies College was full of highs and lows and he spent two weeks learning about screen and media as well as music. He loved this, unfortunately the screen and media class was shut down due to lack of attendance and he was moved into the Digital Arts class where he was taught how to use professional design software. At the end of the first year he got a Certificate II in Digital Arts, but failed the Certificate II in Music, so his parents bought him professional recording software and laptop computer, giving him 24/7 access to the tools he needs, that way he could have no excuse to fail. This year he will finish his final year of school and possibly the Townsville Creative Technologies College. He has allready released 8 free albums over 2014 and 2015, and has released 5 official albums on many forms of media. He is currently working on my 6th album "Anthems For Us Rejects". Jarrod's dream is that one day his music gets noticed and he can begin performing for a living.


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