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Band Of The Month September 2015 "Al Boulton Band"

The Al Boulton band has been together for 3 years, playing a mix of funk, disco and acid jazz music. They released their new album ‘Dancing in the Sunshine’ earlier in 2015 and are currently recording a new single at the Rec Room in Flinders st. Live, the Al Boulton Band is a high energy show that provide a fun groove to dance to. Taking pride in a high level of musicianship, showmanship is also another element of the band. They frequently put on performances at the Herbert, the Basement, Flinders Social and have played Palm Creek Folk Festival over the last 3 years. The 6 members of the band are all integral to the group’s performance with the primary songwriter being Al Boulton (Bass/vocals). Al Boulton released his first album ‘Bang Bang Macau’ in 2011, with a couple of songs from which the current band plays. In 2012 Al Boulton released a video for the song ‘Party at the Disco’, which appears on Bang Bang Macau. The members are: Al Boulton- Bass/Vocals Ra Ra Eaglesham- Vocals Madonna Davies- Vocals Lutalo Kyingi- Keyboards Matt Eaglesham- Guitar Richard Juszczyk- Drums Their next gig is Saturday 17th of October at Dub Disco 2 at the Basement with Nesian Club and DJ Cry Tuff supporting. Tickets are $10 available at Townsville Tickets.

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