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Band Of The Month May 2015 "Alien 8"

Alien8 started as an idea between guitarist Lance Melvin, and drummer Justin Coyle, back in the winter months of 2008. After some explosive jam sessions between the two, it was decided to start a full on rock band. Not long after, Ian Pettigrew

was approached, being a past band mate of both Justin and Lance, as lead singer, which fortunately, he gladly accepted. It was a very short time later when guitarist Craig Street and bassist, Richard Brown were welcomed into the fold. The band was now complete, and poised to set forth on their assault of the Townsville pub rock scene. This original line up stayed intact for 3 years. In 2011, bassist/vocalist, Dave Robinson, replaced Richard Brown, and this line up has continued to this date. As a side note, Glenn Vaughan had been the second drummer for the band until 2014, when Glenn decided to become the full time drummer for The Reclining Rockers. Alien8 are currently playing many local venues in the Townsville region, including, Herbert Hotel, Commonwealth Hotel, Kirwan Tavern, Ross Island Hotel, along with many private functions, including birthday parties, weddings, and corporate gigs. We deliver a full on pub rock experience with heaps of energy, and amazing musical talent. We will soon be introducing our own original music into the fold too, so watch out for that. We hope you enjoy our show. ROCK ON TOWNSVILLE.

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