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Band Of The Month "Say Watt" April 2015

Say Watt are: Chris Baker (vocals & guitar), Terry Ford (guitar & vocals), Aubrey Murakami (bass & vocals) and Ben Nolan (drums). The guys have been (and continue to play) in various other bands but have put this band together as a more consistently gigging band. They're everything you'd expect from a solid pub rock band - playing everything from AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and the Eagles to Green Day, Pearl Jam and the Foo Fighters. However, they'll also surprise you by throwing in songs like Billie Jean and Uptown Funk! By their interaction on stage you can tell the guys are mates and are having a ball when they perform! They have played at several venues around town but you'll normally see them at Molly Mallones. In fact, the organiser of the Ronald McDonald Charity Fund Raiser in Mt Isa saw them play there last year and subsequently invited them to play at the Gala event in February 2015. The feedback from the performance was overwhelmingly positive and they've been asked back for the event next year.

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