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Band Of The Month November 2014 "Crossroads"

Crossroads is a Roots/Rock/Reggae band from Townsville (Australia) formed in May 2013. Delivering a high energy sound the band lives up to their name creating a musical style where pumping hard rock meets an earthy roots intersection, where reggae cuts across the blues highway and it all collides in a powerful musical fusion with Ilona's strong and husky, soulful vocals up front in the driver’s seat. They deliver a show that you won't forget quickly! Ilona is a natural performer, totally comfortable on a stage of any size and an expert when it comes to working a crowd. She and her partners Col with his blues, rocking guitar licks, Bob and his smooth & groovy bass lines and Dylan's tribal rock drum beats create a high energy audio visual experience. You will not stay still for Crossroads! Ilona's conscious lyrics and catchy melodies will energise you and remain imprinted in your mind long after the show is over!

CROSSROADS are really proud of what they have achieved in such a short time playing alongside many amazing artists like Sticky Fingers, Kingfisha, Dubmarine, Combat Wombat, The Rusty Datsun's, Siskin River, Nicky Bomba, The Chocolate Strings and many others. Make sure you check out CROSSROADS soon and get your healing fix of their 'medicine' - as their loyal followers call it. On the 25th October 2014 Crossroads released "AN ALBUM" They are aiming for a big future and will play to as many people as possible! It’s members are: Ilona Bienkiewicz (vocal&guitar) Col Faulkner (lead guitar) Edward Osae (bass) Dylan Howells (drums)

For more info or to contact Crossroads go to

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