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Band Of The Month October 2014 "Ghost's Of Black River"


Formed in late 2012, Ghosts of Black River are a 4 piece southern metal

band from Townsville, North Queensland.

Ghosts of Black River’s music has been heavily influenced by its surroundings

taking notes from a wide range of musical genres including blues, country

good ol’ rock and roll, all the way through to death metal and grind.

Since the release of their debut EP Rollin’ with the Devil, the band has spent

time building a list of live shows at various venues around Australia including

key shows such as Terrorfest (QLD), Hellbound (QLD) and A tribute to

Dimebag 2 (SA) line ups that have had the boys sharing the stage with top

touring Australian acts such as King Parrot, Rise Of Avernus. Miazma,

The Dreamkillers, and SeBonKiRa.

While Ghosts of Black River are working on their first full length album set for

release early 2015, they have gained global attention, and have been played

on radio stations all over the world, including Australias very own online

metal radio show

Ghosts of Black River is: Ryan (Giezy) Giezendanner on Vocals, Jason Hills

on Guitars, Rob (The Captain) Donaldson on Bass and Joel (Whitey) Sheeran

on Drums.

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